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Finding the top window tinting prices in the Long Beach area of Southern California shouldn’t require you to have to know “a guy” that knows “a place” to get the work done. You should make it a point in finding a reputable service provider like Long Beach Express Auto Glass one of your priorities when you have time in your busy schedule. Our company is one of the top-rated options in the area for getting window tinting for cars in the area, and you will be amazed at our service quality and competitive rates. We believe in consistently delivering the best possible prices for our services to our customers, and we never want to make it difficult for you to sort out who the best deal might be. Our established mobile tinting company has been open for more than 17 years and counting now. During our entire time that we have been in business, we have always made setting low prices for our customer’s one of our company’s number one goals. Once you make the smart decision to hire our team, you will quickly see why so many car and truck owners make our shop their number one choice when it comes to auto tint. We consistently rank in the top of all mobile service providers in the Long Beach and surrounding areas, and our customers love working with our friendly and knowledgeable service technicians. Another big concern that is noted for many of the newer companies around town is that they do not necessarily understand the state law when it comes to the color and amount of tint that can be applied to your automobile’s windows. For example, although other states in the U.S. allow some variation in color for the car tint, in California, the only allowed color for tint is black (that meets visual light transference rules). No matter what, if you have any questions regarding our tinting service, just give us a call. Our team loves to hear from our customers, and we will go out of our way to answer your questions.